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Step 8: Hull Planking

12/11/11 14:13

Step Eight: Planking!

Each plank was cut to (general) size and stained walnut.

I’m now at a point where I find myself slowing down to ensure I understand what I’m doing. I don’t want to make any mistakes I can’t repair. :(

All the planks were partially sanded to give them a rustic look and feel. I did not sand them all perfectly flush as you would for a tall ship build. I wanted them to show the years of sailing. A shortcut maybe but, it looks good!

Practice does make perfect. The starboard side went much smoother. :D

In fact, the starboard side went so smoothly that I joked with my girlfriend about how I should rip out the port side just so I could plank it again! I thought it was funny....her reaction was closer to this.... 8O (shocked)

That gap you see just under the deck is supposed to be there. It’s where the bulwarks attach. My next step.

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