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Step 23: Into the Bottle (continued)

12/13/11 11:49

It was a long and arduous battle. Many times it could have gone either way.

The Hannah (during the test fit) would not pass through the mouth of the bottle. A kind member (tcoteof) suggested I file down the inside of the bottle’s lip. I filed enough off the inside lip of the bottle to fit the Hannah through.

I folded the Main Mast with Rigging & Sails to the Port side of the Ship. The Fore Mast with its Rigging & Sails was folded to the Starboard side. This allowed everything to slip through like a breeze.

I attached the hook with double back tape to the Ship's side. (Do not use the rope idea Amati writes in their instructions to hold the Hannah. It won’t work. The Hannah is too heavy to rest in a rope noose.) The Hannah went through easily then the tape slipped and the Hannah's rigging became foiled in the tape. I negotiated the rigging free but could not re-attach the tool to the Ship.

I put a few drops of Gel CA onto one of the Hook tools and applied it to the Stand's Pins. Using the Hook Tools, I fought as any of Lord Nelson’s fine crew would have, with tenacity and verve, with no thought or will to survive. I fought only to win. Eventually the Hannah surrendered and ported onto her base.

If anyone is building this kit, trash the Pin Stand for the Hannah and scratch a simple “V” Stand. It’s too much like a carnival game to negotiate the Hannah onto the Pins.

Casualties: ? The Bowsprit was bent. The top of the Main Mast took a slight hit (twisted). A couple of glue spots on the glass. All this can be fixed.

The Battle is half over and the Tide is in my favor!