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Album: Golden Yacht / Dutch Yacht 1678 (Amati) (Ship Kit in a Bottle)

Dutchy (Ship in a bottle)

Well, I couldn’t leave it alone. After the fun I had building the Hannah, I decided I had to try my hand at the Golden Yacht or Dutch Yacht (it’s marketed under both names).

A brief comparison of the two kits:

  • It’s the same 1:300 scale though some things appear much smaller then they seem. The cannons are one example.
  • The Bottle is clear glass rather then green and this particular one has some minor imperfections but I think I can work around the tiny bubbles.
  • The instructions are still loaded with clearly defined sketches and very little English directions.
  • The sails are still the same poor quality! I have extra cloth from the Hannah build.
  • There are far more brass and white metal parts in this build.
  • There are fewer wood pieces needed to construct the Bread & Butter hull.
  • There is a lot more micro painting to be done….I need more toothpicks!