This blog shows the photographic progress of my builds


These Scratch Bottle Projects are simple Nautical items designed to hone and develop my skills in this art form. You will find each project in its own build log as I learn. I hope they give you as much pleasure as they have given me.


Step 1: Drink contents of bottle while formulating a plan.


I found his sketch in "Historic Ship Models" by Mondfeld (page 169) and thought it would look nice in a bottle.

I took some measurements and drew up a couple of plans to add this rigged gun to a deck section. A Starbucks Bottle was chosen due to their easy accessibility in my area (the household is addicted to the little bottled coffees) as well as the larger opening it provides (I built the gun & carriage some time ago and found that it fit through with a bit of persuasion). Why do extra work, right?

I intended to add measurments as I went along but after measuring a few other Starbuck bottles I noticed some major interior differences. My photos show a inch & grid scale for those who wish to build one of their own. Please offer any questions you may have on the main page post.

S. Kahn