Stagecoach Build Log (01-27-08 2m)

Stagecoach Build Log (01-27-08 2m)

I completed this build on 1-27-08. Being my first wooden model and the first build I have done since childhood, it took me two months to finish. I worked on it occasionally during weekends and really wasn’t in any hurry. It gave me time to relive a few childhood moments.

All in all it went well. My only trouble came when I built the wheels. It was a nightmare. I had to make certain that I didn’t get any glue on the jig and yet keep all the spokes true. This was a learning process. After six hours of trial and error I had four trued wheels and a Corona.

The horses were my first experience with the art of carving. I, armed only with no. 11 blades and some sandpaper, think I did OK. The ears were tricky; I had to learn to carve with the grain. The horses turned out beautifully once stained and I actually agonized over covering them up with the bridle works.

This build helped me remember something I had lost while growing up. I intended to not let the magic get lost again.

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