D.E.V.I.L.S. Screwing with Spammers

To all spammers:  The following post is being used with permission from Devlin Scott and Lyshan Press.  I will practice this policy.


D.E.V.I.L.S. Screwing with Spammers

Those of us who own sites have always had to deal with spam and their proponents. I have a simple solution.  While the software companies do their thing and invent new ways to block them why should we, the admins who run our sites, be left out in the cold waiting for the updates …we should have some fun too.

There are those who cleverly link their usernames to their ad pages and sites.  They usually spend a few days watching the posts before adding something supportive and clever in comment/post form.  These comments usually display their ‘linked’ username directing you to their ad pages.  Normally, I wouldn’t care, but when they are so obvious about it, it just demands a clever response…

Change their links.

Spammers who link themselves to porn sites can be re-linked to church sites. Example:  [url=http//porn site]bob smith[/url]  can be rewritten as [url=http//church of the immaculate conception]bob smith[/url].  Just go into their profile and begin the rewriting.  It’s not wrong.  It’s your site.  You maintain it.  You sweat over it.  You should protect it.


Here are a few ideas:

  1. A drug/pill site can be redirected to a rehab or hospital center.
  2. A sex site can be channeled to the nearest FBI web site.
  3. A product you don’t think is worthy can be linked to a nursery school or college enrollment form.
  4. Also, a user’s name can be changed to help support their site: [url=http//male enlargement site]david wilks[/url]  can become; [url=http//male enlargement site]wee man david wilks or david wilks can’t satisfy[/url].
  5. Instead of deleting their accounts, change their passcodes or login information. 
  6. Redirect their listed websites…to their competitor's.


Doesn’t this sound like fun?

The more they correct it, the more we change it.

Devlin is fun to play with…please enjoy the site but remember, I can read.