Bluenose Schooner (Mini Mamoli) Build Log (5-04-08 2w/2d)

Bluenose Schooner (Mini Mamoli) Build Log (5-04-08 2w/2d)

The Bluenose Schooner kit by Mini-Mamoli (to see the full build log): was my first wooden ship build and while it wasn’t complicated it did provide a few lessons in basic ship kit construction. The base is a simple piece of hand-polished cedar. Total build time was two weeks, two days.

Some of the photos are a bit out of focus. I’m not a very good photographer; something else to learn as I go along.

My only difficulties during this build were the ratlines. They were exhausting. The scale was too small to tie each cross thread with a clove-hitch knot so I cut them to length and glued them into place, a few at a time. Overall, this took about two days to finish.

I think it turned out well considering I had no idea what I was doing. The instructions were in every language known to mankind except English and only basic sketches were provided for clarity but, it did inspire me to try another.

BTW: It does actually float, by dumb luck, not by design.

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