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Ideas summoned from the depths of dreams; forged by the stroke of the pen; brought to reality by the reader's heart...

Summoning's to Ink

Or, more simply put, what I'm writing now...

My first published offering, I hope, will be a 100 (or so) page collection of short works titled, 'A Single Moment of Clarity' These are a series of exercises I created for myself to assist me in learning the art of writing fiction.

Each story centers upon a basic emotionally charged scene and I will attempt to bring it to life as honestly and as entrancingly as possible with the fewest number of words.

Some of the offerings are:

'Those Tiny Moments of Courage'

A story about a young man who must make the decision whether or not to 'pull the plug' and end his father's suffering.

'A Simple Moment of Faith'

A letter to Santa written by a little girl who is asking for help.

'A Humble Moment of Charity'

An example of unexpected kindness that changes a young man's life.

'A Moment of Horror'

A horror tale about a ghost hoping his corpse will be discovered.

'The Sweetest Moment of Conversation'

A dialog between lovers.

They will be very short tales (each one under 5,000 words) and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

S. Kahn

From Ink to Reality

A listing of my works in print and quick updates on upcoming projects.

Published Works

Nothing yet I'm afraid but keep watching. I will have this filled soon.


At this moment I'm busily setting stories to paper for my book; 'A Single Moment of Clarity' A sample of which is available on my blog.

I would like take a moment and welcome Devlin Scott, a dark humorist, to Lyshan Press. So, while you're waiting for me to finish my current project, please visit Devlin Scott and see what trouble he's stirring up.

You will find his blog, along with mine and Grant Brazell's in the Navigation Charts.

S. Kahn's Bio

S. Kahn was born in Tacoma, Washington. The first born of five children, he was raised to appreciate the arts and soon found writing to his liking. After a lucrative career as a non-fiction ghost-writer for several publishing houses he decided to give the art of fiction a try.

He is now living in the mid-east and in a serious long-term relationship with Jessica Tanaka

Haning Scroll: Tiger Dokokan Ganku (1749-1838)